The IT Business Owners Group was created on social media to bring a common channel for IT Business Owners with the Vendors of the products in which they sell and support. We consider ourselves something new for technicians, we don’t consider ourselves an “association” or a “group” but rather a “technical community”. With the value we bring to our member and vendors, we are excited to move forward with more offerings to both our members and vendors.

Our Goal

To create a robust technician engaging community for technicians around the world and the vendors who support and create the tools technicians need to use for their businesses. This is a one of a kind community, most associations don’t allow techs and vendors to communicate and learn from each other.

Member benefits 

  • All members are vetted IT Business Owners
  • No fee to be a member
  • Access to our vendor discount guide
  • Be included in the ITBOG Member Directory
    • Get listed in our Google Maps Locator
    • Hire other specialized technicians to assist
    • Find referral techs for clients outside of your area
  • Community Engagement in our Facebook Group
    • Live tech to tech help
    • Vendor to tech help
    • Working with other techs on projects

Vendor Benefits 

  • Vendors are encouraged to engage in the dialog with other members in the Facebook group
  • As a Vendor, you are encouraged to give back to the community by offering your support and a value add to the other members of the group, especially the IT Business Owners who sell and support your products.
  • Vendors must be approved by the admins of this community and will go thru a separate vetting process.